The First Weekend of Summer in Berlin

nightwalkThe first weekend of summer has officially come and gone in Berlin, and I’m still in awe. I came here at the end of October last year when the weather started to tailspin. Every Berliner I talked to was in total ruins, mourning for that summer feeling (they say) is so indescribable, a feeling that you have to experience to fully understand. This weekend, I finally got my first hemic taste.

When the sun is out in Berlin, the city truly came alive. A Saturday night walk outside of my apartment in Friedrichshain lead to the following adventures: watching a band of buskers play grunge-psychedelic rock (with amps and drums) outside of Ostkreuz station, the local  Spätkauf spilling over with chain-smoking football fans and a group of forty-somethings having a “techno picnic” in the park with speakers and a blanket, swinging back and forth on a tire swing so hard I thought the chain was sure to break. We also inquired at the door of a local bar where a cover band playing — the performance was to raise money for parents seeking water therapy with dolphins after their child died.

2014-04-28 10.11.39The next day: a Sunday dance session at Berghain revealed more of the city’s marvellous aberrations, including a completely naked man wearing only sneakers and one jean pant leg (literally) flopping around to hard techno on the dance floor and a hilarious walk home, including passing by two young kids spending some quality time with Dad on the top of a camper. You should’ve seen the boys’ faces as goths with five-inch platforms, dreadlocks and piercings trailed past, clearing coming out of the club after a sweaty two-day stretch. Or maybe, the boys are echt Berliners and they’re used to this type of thing.

Ahh, Berlin the wacky and the wonderful. Needless to say, I’m feeling warm-blooded in the sunshine and looking forward to the madness this season has to offer!

2 responses to “The First Weekend of Summer in Berlin

  1. Barbara! You just sold me on going to Berlin. Sounds amazing! It also has me worried you won’t be back in Bangkok anytime soon… :P Glad you’re doing well. Miss you! Xoxo

    • Don’t worry Elise, I’ll be back this summer for a project! I’ll tell you more about it by private message… there will be some time on KP! We need to get together and chat about blogs, life and basically just everything because I miss you and badly need an update!

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