Love, Sex and (Online) Drugs

elitedailyI’m channelling my fictional literary heroine Carrie Bradshaw today, with my first article for Elite Daily’s dating section.

This story was inspired over many “editorial meetings” with girlfriends  and a lot of. espresso martinis and grumbling about social media. It seems like so many couples these days have a hard time navigating the uncharted territory of cyberspace, and it’s no wonder why. In fact, I wasn’t surprised at all to find studies proving that while social media helps us keep in contact, its also destroying our capacity for real intimacy.

Check out the article here. What are your thoughts about appropriate relationship etiquette on social media

One response to “Love, Sex and (Online) Drugs

  1. Cool article, all very valid points. I recently started seeing a man who isn’t on Facebook and I gotta say that I love it! It’s nice to keep certain aspects of life separate from each other, especially during the early stages of a relationship. After all, having the ability to lurk all his ex girlfriends after the first date can’t be healthy. Nice work, Barabara! xoxo

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