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Tokyo’s Finest

djkrushA little while ago, I got the pleasure to chat up one of hiphop’s greatest DJs and producers — DJ Krush from Japan. The interview is finally online via Tipstr TV! Continue reading

Still HXC

fuckedupIn the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a couple of my favourite hardcore bands. The 16-year-old me, who wore untied Converses and had multiple facial piercings, is throwing elbows for joy. Continue reading


Howling at the Full Moon

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Psychedelic Salvation

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Open Air Spirit

zurueckzudenwurzelnWhen it comes to Berlin’s legendary underground nightlife, this is the best of the best. Open airs, illegal outdoor parties that sprung up after the fall of the Berlin Wall in public parks and fields. Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, asked me to find out where the raves are going down these days. Continue reading

Love, Sex and (Online) Drugs

elitedailyI’m channelling my fictional literary heroine Carrie Bradshaw today, with my very first article for Elite Daily’s dating section. While I’ve never seen my name in print next to the word “SEX”, I have to admit — it looks pretty damn good! Continue reading

Debating Cool

zolasLast week’s interview with The Zolas frontman Zach Gray was an interesting discussion on the essence of cool. Somehow it got from Zach’s hair looking really Jewish when he grows it (not cool), to the time he fell in love with a girl and losing her from being a  jerk and trying too hard (not cool either). Continue reading

Low Oxytocin Levels

nicholasthorburnI recently talked to the lead singer for indie rock band Islands, and to be honest, he’s feeling down lately. Continue reading

Bad Role Models

Fake SharkOkay, Kevvy Mental is one of the most fun interviews I’ve had in a long time. “Right now, I’m on a tour bus and people are shooting zombies in a video game. I’ve got a top bunk though, I’m at the most risk of falling the furthest if we take a quick turn, but somehow it’s worth it.” Continue reading

Brothel Party

bp.head_In Thailand, nightlife and prostitution are hand in hand. “Freelance” hookers are a reality of nearly every venue (often to the surprise and dismay of guys who eventually realize it’s not the charm that she’s so  into) . But what about clubbing in a brothel? Continue reading