Clubbing in a brothel in Bangkok

bp.head_In Thailand, nightlife and prostitution are hand in hand. “Freelance” hookers are a reality of nearly every venue (often to the surprise and dismay of guys who eventually realize it’s not the charm that she’s so  into) . But what about clubbing in a brothel?

My next investigative piece for my Night Prowl column for Coconuts Bangkok is about a venue that’s offering just that. Black Pagoda, a brothel in Patpong, is hosting electronic music dance parties on the side of the “usual business”. I first became acquainted with the venue last year, when my friend DJ Jaydubb started doing parties there. It was the only proper nightclub open after-hours (can you imagine, a city like Bangkok and almost everything closes at 4 a.m.?) so it became the obvious choice for in-the-know locals to end an evening.

Read the article here and let me know what you think… Would you go clubbing in a brothel? Do you know of other similar venues around the world?