Bloggers Unite

diaI’ve been MIA as of late — but with very good reason! I’m back in beautiful Bangkok, visiting old friends and haunts, working on articles that have been simmering for some time and eagerly discovering new stories to tell. But one of the best moments so far, hands-down, has been the 2014 Digital Innovation Asia conference.

It was an opportunity to talk about tourism, social media, digital marketing and for travel bloggers to sit down with Thailand’s travel industry, such as prestigious hotels and local restaurants.

Many of us who attended as bloggers were afraid the whole she-bang would be cancelled, thanks to the recent military coup and curfew. Thankfully, it wasn’t and it gave the conference a new meaning. It started a discussion about how businesses can deal with the impact of these political problems, and about getting the word out that this is still a safe country to travel to.

What a day of making good friends, and good connections. Digital Innovation Asia came to represent the best of what I love about Thailand… its resilience and a lot of big smiles!