Hiking around Berlin and Brandenburg

66lakesWhen it comes to discovering the Great Outdoors in Germany, the deep south tends to get all the credit. But if you happen to be around Berlin, and are up for a real hiking challenge off the beaten track, allow me tell you about the 66 Lakes Trail.I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about 66 Lakes. Berlin’s known for its beautiful parks and green spaces, but as far as hiking goes there isn’t much nearby (especially if you’re looking for steep peaks). So I was really surprised when I heard about 66 Lakes, a set of 17 trails that offers up beautiful German countryside with no strenuous trekking required. This massive 416-kilometre trail circumvents Berlin, winding through flower fields, small towns and past historical relics from castles to Cold War remains. It’s a seriously well-kept secret, and there’s just a bit of information about 66 Lakes in English online. That’s why I really wanted to learn more and write about it. So here it is, my article about 66 Lakes published in Travel and Lifestyle magazine’s December issue. Click here to see the PDF and learn all about the trek.