Best desserts in Athens, Greece

2014-09-09 16.38.15Give into a sugar rush at Konstandinidis pastry shop, one of my best discoveries in Athens after a day at the beach.

No one does phyllo pastry quite like the Greeks do. Spinach and feta wrapped in hot flaky dough (spanikopita) with a fresh-squeezed orange juice has got to be the best breakfast in the world, hands-down.

I got to know my way around even more Greek baking (but this time, with a lot more sugar coating) at the Konstandinidis pastry shop. Almost 100 years old, their eight locations around Athens are run by the fourth-generation of the same family that founded it.

You’ll find layers and layers of cream, fruit and icing crafted into fresh, delicious creations daily. My favourite is the mille feuille, Konstandinidis’ house specialty, a pastry that’s widely known as French but also beloved and traditional in Greece. Layers of cream fall between flaky phyllo, with  Chantilly cream on top  in Konstandinidis’ version.

Konstandinidis' mille feuille

Konstandinidis’ mille feuille

Other goodies include hand-dipped mini-ice cream pops (perfect after a long day at the beach), tsoureki (egg-enriched braided dough) filled with chocolate or chestnut cream, baklava and phyllo triangles filmed with cream and crushed walnuts to a total of over 100 different products.

Chestnut cream-filled tsoureki

Check out Konstandinidis’ website for locations, and if you’re looking for more Athens recommendations read my blog “10 things to do in Athens” for ten tree here.

A peek inside one of the refrigerators

Watch it al through the open kitchen

Hand-dipped ice creams