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The Most Overrated and Underrated Destinations in Asia


How Electromagnetic Frequencies Can Get You High

Vice Thump

Asia’s Most Insane Rooftop Bars


Hiking around Berlin and Brandenburg

When it comes to discovering the Great Outdoors in Germany, the deep south┬átends to get all the credit. But if you happen to be around Berlin, and are up for a real hiking… Continue reading

Interview with DJ Krush

Tipstr TV

Howling at the Full Moon

Psychedelic Salvation

Berlin’s open air spirit

When it comes to Berlin’s legendary underground nightlife, this is the best of the best. Open airs, illegal outdoor parties that sprung up after the fall of the Berlin Wall in public parks… Continue reading

Clubbing in a brothel in Bangkok

In Thailand, nightlife and prostitution are hand in hand. “Freelance” hookers are a reality of nearly every venue (often to the surprise and dismay of guys who eventually realize it’s not the charm… Continue reading

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