Best fondue in Paris

If you’re looking for the most heavenly melted cheese and bread in Paris, look no further than the 18th district. Advertisements

Howling at the Full Moon

Psychedelic Salvation

Berlin’s open air spirit

When it comes to Berlin’s legendary underground nightlife, this is the best of the best. Open airs, illegal outdoor parties that sprung up after the fall of the Berlin Wall in public parks… Continue reading

Bloggers Unite

I’ve been MIA as of late — but with very good reason! I’m back in beautiful Bangkok, visiting old friends and haunts, working on articles that have been simmering for some time and… Continue reading

The First Weekend of Summer in Berlin

The first weekend of summer has officially come and gone in Berlin, and I’m still in awe. I came here at the end of October last year when the weather started to tailspin. Every… Continue reading

Clubbing in a brothel in Bangkok

In Thailand, nightlife and prostitution are hand in hand. “Freelance” hookers are a reality of nearly every venue (often to the surprise and dismay of guys who eventually realize it’s not the charm… Continue reading

Tips for getting a freelance visa in Berlin, Germany

Today I finally had my dreaded appointment at Berlin’s notorious Ausländerbehörde. But to my surprise, it wasn’t nearly as horrible as word of mouth and message boards make it out to be —… Continue reading