Best Fondue in Paris

2014-08-30 22.17.20

If you’re looking for the most heavenly melted cheese and bread in Paris, look no further than the 18th district. Continue reading


Howling at the Full Moon

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Psychedelic Salvation

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Open Air Spirit

zurueckzudenwurzelnWhen it comes to Berlin’s legendary underground nightlife, this is the best of the best. Open airs, illegal outdoor parties that sprung up after the fall of the Berlin Wall in public parks and fields. Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster, asked me to find out where the raves are going down these days. Continue reading

Wedding Bells in Germany

miguelandlejla2A couple days ago I attended my first wedding in Germany for good friends, Miguel and Lejla. It was a beautiful day in Munich’s English Garden and Seehaus,with lots of Prosecco and great people! It was also an interesting experience for a Canadian who has never seen anyone get hitched outside of her own home country!

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Traditional Blind Massage

blindmassageThailand is known for its ancient massage techniques, but here’s something you may not realize: there’s also a longstanding tradition of training masseuses who are visually impaired. Continue reading

Schönhauser Blues

lagerfeld“Gentrification” is the ultimate buzzword in Berlin these days. But I was surprised to find another neighbourhood besides the much-moaned about Neukölln and Kreuzberg changing dramatically: Mitte, the city’s prime shopping haunt. Continue reading

Full Moon Rising

fullmoonA couple weeks later, and I’m still recovering from my sober/work experience at Koh Phangan’s notorious Full Moon Party. Continue reading

Chasing Iboga

10310546_297566237078699_1108585055366805439_nI’m back in Bangkok after filming for the last week on the beautiful island Koh Phangan. One of the stories we filmed for Coconuts TV was about a psychedelic substance called ibogaine, that’s said to be a miracle cure for drug addiction.



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Bloggers Unite

diaI’ve been MIA as of late — but with very good reason! I’m back in beautiful Bangkok, visiting old friends and haunts, working on articles that have been simmering for some time and eagerly discovering new stories to tell. But one of the best moments so far, hands-down, has been the 2014 Digital Innovation Asia conference. Continue reading