Eastern Adventure: What to do in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria has got to be one of the most underrated destinations in Europe.  Continue reading

How to get free WIFI at airports


We’ve all been there. Trying to kill time at the airport before a flight, only to see that WIFI isn’t complimentary.  Continue reading

Sustainable eating in Berlin

_DSC0159Berlin’s a great city to be a foodie. There’s a wide spectrum of street food, vendor markets and restaurants ranging from hole-in-the-wall to over-the-top. And in Berlin, the latest big push for establishments is going locavore. Continue reading

Slow life in Baan Kiriwong, Thailand

handicraftOn a recent trip to southern Thailand with The iTravel Channel, I found a village that’s all about taking things one step at a time. Continue reading

Sand Pagoda Festival in Bang Saen, Thailand


Usually, I spend Songkran burrowed in my apartment with take-out or on some remote island. The world’s biggest water fight, Thai New Year, totally freaks me out! I hate getting shot with water guns and slopped with chalk, and if you’re out on the street, you’re considered fair game!

But this year, I decided to come out of hiding and get right into the action filming for The iTravel Channel in Baeng San.

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Jägermeister and royalty in Wolfenbüttel, Germany


Let me tell you about one of the most charming and historic small towns I’ve ever been to. It’s called Wolfenbüttel, and I recently wrote an article about it for Deutsche Welle’s Discover Germany. Continue reading

Polish Holiday: How to spend a weekend in Kraków


Every journalist is kind of a history geek at heart. What can I say, we just love to hear a good story! And Kraków, Poland is the kind of city that’s chockfull of stories. Continue reading

How to get from Berlin to Prague

imageI only just got back from Prague, Czech Republic, and I’m already dying to go back. Good thing is it’s only a four-hour train ride from Berlin! Continue reading

Best desserts in Athens, Greece

2014-09-09 16.38.15Give into a sugar rush at Konstandinidis pastry shop, one of my best discoveries in Athens after a day at the beach. Continue reading

Hiking around Berlin and Brandenburg

66lakesWhen it comes to discovering the Great Outdoors in Germany, the deep south tends to get all the credit. But if you happen to be around Berlin, and are up for a real hiking challenge off the beaten track, allow me tell you about the 66 Lakes Trail. Continue reading