Barbara Woolsey

I come from a pretty culturally-diverse background (half-Filipino, Irish and Scottish, born and raised in Canada), and that’s likely where my obsession with seeing the world comes from. My greatest thrills in life range from meeting somebody new and hearing their story to walking down a street I’ve never been down before.

My professional journey started in university studying journalism and political science. In 2010, I won the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) Journalism Fellowship, garnering an internship at Thailand’s leading English newspaper, the Bangkok Post. I got a taste of covering hard news, culture and lifestyle from Koh Samui to Cambodia and Malaysia. Afterwards, I returned home and gained experience as a television reporter and radio current affairs producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

However, I was destined to become a digital nomad very soon. I went back to Bangkok to host and produce two English-speaking programs for In Channel (formerly True Visions 92). That’s also when I started freelance writing about travel and lifestyle, including my own investigative column about the city’s nightlife for Coconuts Bangkok. Somehow, I managed to travel to 13 countries, not to mention several destinations around Thailand, in one year!

Since 2013, I’m formally based in Berlin, but I like to think I’m a citizen of the world. I’m away from home a lot for work and pleasure. Along with writing about travel and destinations for various online and print publications, I also continue to produce and host television on a freelance basis.

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